Marketing Services Case Studies

Prostate Cancer UK

In 2007, Prostate Cancer UK began a new drive to increase marketing and direct mail activity, but they needed to ensure they stayed on top of donation responses, and called on charity marketing experts GFM to help.

… a donation service which used call-scripting, enabling supporters to speak to a live operator when donating.

Our contact centres aren’t just open during office hours, which means we can offer supporters the flexibility to contact us in the evening or at weekends, and the best thing ... it doesn’t cost any more, which is great news for a charity where every penny counts. With our on-site fulfilment facilities, we’ve also managed postal donations, direct mail fulfilment and even sent personalised 'thank you' letters to supporters.

… a UK-based call centre where supporters could make donations and ask any questions they may have about the charity. We’ve got response handling down to a fine art, even sending all supporters a thank you letter and certificate for their donation.

About £1.7m in donations handled by our operators since 2007, fewer headaches for Prostate Cancer UK and a cost-friendly solution.

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 	Marketing Services Case Studies